Assembly Elections 2023

Day of the Wave Riders

Amita Shah

BJP’s spectacular victory in three states is matched by the party’s selection of the chief ministers

Post-2014 Climate Change in India

The nature of the Establishment has undergone a definite modification

A Divide That Isn’t

The North vs South rhetoric masks the ongoing de-Hinduisation beyond the Vindhyas

Mind the (Credibility) Gap

Congress faces its severest test after a resounding no to its populist pitch

The Men and the Machine

Helped by its election apparatus to come back from behind in three heartland states, an energised BJP can now provide a perfect launchpad for Modi’s bid for a third term

The Modi Coalition

Conventional social barriers have been broken to forge an alliance from below

The Enduring Modi Spell

India’s trust in the Prime Minister multiplies even as his detractors sink deeper in denial

The Invincibility Code

How Modi made BJP’s victories inevitable

Beyond Caste Calculus

Service and good governance are at the centre of Modi’s vision


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