Taming Tuberculosis

Amita Shah

An adoption scheme for patients is speeding up efforts to rid India of the disease by 2025

Pandemics: Destroyer of Worlds

Pandemics have transformed civilisations and the course of history but humanity now has experience and organisation on its side

Love in the Time of HIV

When Najaraus met Maitri, she was an HIV-positive widow, and he an AIDS awareness worker. Nine years later, with a little grit and a little fib, they are married, living together, still in love—and Najaraus is still HIV-negative

How Modern Is Cancer?

A new study finds viruses that infect us also afflicted Neanderthals in their time

Living Among the Dead

The story of five orphans forced to stay in a graveyard after their parents died of AIDS

‘Early Treatment is the Key’

Asier Sáez-Cirión, a scientist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, talks to Open about his landmark research which reported HIV remission in 14 adults

The Condom Songwriter

Pedulla Srinivas’s anthem against HIV is a viral sensation

History of Exposure

The National AIDS Control Organisation has recently claimed that syphilis is close to eradication in India. While that itself is contestable, the real shocker is what the US condoned in the name of syphilis research

‘86% get HIV treatment because of Indian drugs’

Michel Sidibé says UNAIDS aims to halve HIV transmission by 2015

‘Curb Gay Rights, Curb Aids’

That’s the baseline prescription of Elizabeth Pisani, the author of a book on fighting the killer virus.


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