Colin Khoury: ‘We are all beneficiaries of ancient farmers in far-flung lands’

Madhavankutty Pillai

Colin Khoury, the author of  Origins of Food Crops Connect Countries Worldwide spoke to Open about the journey of foods and how globalization has given a spurt to it

Agriculture: The Missed Harvest

The Modi Government is yet to seize the opportunity to revive and modernise Indian agriculture, which is plagued by state apathy, lack of research and the misplaced priorities of regulators


Incentives to help farmers stay put in agriculture are a short cut, and the Centre should focus on shifting them away to lucrative avenues

Weekend Harvest

Bangalore’s growing community of urban farmers

Refuelling Motown

The world’s once mighty car hub is now a rusty relic. A desperate Detroit is wooing Hollywood and turning to agriculture for survival.

The New Black Gold

Suddenly there is a huge demand for earthworms, and people who are producing them are getting rich.

Jatland in Chhattisgarh

Yet again settlers from one Indian state have taken over large parts of another’s farmland, altering the farm economy, power equations and social setup.

Back to Africa

The quest for food security is driving companies and countries to buy large tracts of farmland in poor countries. Indian firms are at it too. Neo-colonialism or globalisation?

India’s Crop Crisis

Sparse rainfall in the country’s bread basket could yield toxic foodgrains. Beware!

Resisting the Trade Spaghetti Bowl

The threat to a revival of the Doha Round comes from the US, which may undercut the multilateral regime by making bilateral deals with developing countries


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