2024 Elections

India Renews Its Trust In Modi

PR Ramesh

The Prime Minister begins his third term with the confidence of working with allies. And the Opposition is unlikely to remain united against him

Modi’s Appeal Is Intact

And it’s unlikely that he will allow himself to be constrained by coalition pressures

End of Appeasement

Polarisation doesn’t necessarily result in Hindu vote consolidation

The Dark Side of the Verdict

Modi’s challenge in dealing with the separatists rearmed

Why It Is Still Modi

For India’s choice, the days after June 4 are a prologue as well as a provocation

A Star Hits Her Stride

Kangana Ranaut, making her electoral debut from her home state, has staked her political career on the outcome, reports

Under Siege

BJP has the edge on BJD in Odisha’s Lok Sabha seats while the Assembly election is a closer contest than expected, reports

Hard Power

A decade of far-reaching defence reforms under Modi has transformed the Indian military’s reputation and capabilities

Why Modinomics Works

Empowerment enabled by excellent last-mile delivery and digital public infrastructure has resulted in NDA’s all-round economic success


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