2024: Countdown

The Threat to the Gig Economy

Rameesh Kailasam

Duplication of social security benefits by states can end up harming a viable model

A Call to Arms

Can the grand alliance of the Opposition survive its inbuilt contradictions before taking on the ruling coalition led by Modi at his peak?

The Loneliness of the Patriarch

NCP’s best Lok Sabha tally was nine seats two decades ago but that never came in the way of Sharad Pawar being projected as a prime ministerial candidate. That image of the wily strategist has been shattered by Ajit Pawar’s departure

‘Total Politics’ at Play

The splits in NCP and Shiv Sena have expanded NDA and hurt the Opposition’s efforts to present a united challenge to Narendra Modi in 2024

Monsoon Matters

Now all eyes are on the monsoon trough

Chandrababu Naidu Makes His Move

TDP reaches out to BJP and announces a welfare package ahead of next year’s assembly election in Andhra Pradesh

Rahul’s Hard-Left Gamble

Is Congress misreading the national mood?

Freebies Fetish

Every time the Indian economy seems capable of sustaining high growth, welfare populism makes a comeback

Opposition Meet Postponed

Because of absence of key Congress and other Opposition leaders

A Preface to the Future

Minority appeasement has paid off but how far will Congress go?


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