2024: Countdown

Between Panth and Protests

Siddharth Singh

The one constant in Punjab’s political life is the belief in conspiracy theories about New Delhi. Siddharth Singh travels across the state

BJP’s “400-paar” Ambition

Once BJP was persuaded to drop that lofty goal, its critics now went for the kill

The Assault of the Caveat

Why they can't come to terms with Modi's conviction politics

Game of Thrones

BJP seeks to storm the sugar heartland in western Maharashtra with Ajit Pawar’s NCP on its side

The Unravelling

The Congress campaign is stuttering at the end of polling for 285 seats with its key promises failing to strike a chord with voters and an isolated high command remaining out of sync with the party cadre

The Seven Deadly Sins of Democracy

Inside the relationship between citizen and power

The Conceit of Social Justice Politics

As Modi challenges the dogma of division

BJP’s Mission Kashmir

The Lok Sabha polls in the Union territory are just the means to achieve a favourable condition in the proposed Assembly election

A Socialist Mirage

Policies that encourage redistribution have a poor track record and Congress’ leftward lurch is more a vision of class war than empowerment

Modi’s Doosra

In what could be a pivotal moment in the election, PM links Congress’s redistribution stance to its pursuit of quotas for Muslims at the cost of OBCs


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