2024: Countdown

Fatal Attrition

PR Ramesh

The shaky opposition alliance is as good as dead with its architect joining the ruling coalition at the Centre

Powered by Modi’s Guarantee

Budget 2024 The Interim Budget avoids populism and expansive announcements but banks on the government’s record and its confidence about winning the general election

The Price of a Promise

Congress’ five election guarantees damage Karnataka’s reputation for fiscal prudence

Mind the (Credibility) Gap

Congress faces its severest test after a resounding no to its populist pitch

The Unravelling

The Congress humiliation takes a toll on I.N.D.I.A.’s electoral viability

The Men and the Machine

Helped by its election apparatus to come back from behind in three heartland states, an energised BJP can now provide a perfect launchpad for Modi’s bid for a third term

The Modi Coalition

Conventional social barriers have been broken to forge an alliance from below

The Invincibility Code

How Modi made BJP’s victories inevitable

Beyond Caste Calculus

Service and good governance are at the centre of Modi’s vision


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