The Height of Cricket

Venkata Vemuri

A ringside view of what it takes to reach the venue for a match being played at the base of Mount Everest

Why Indians Love Manchester United

On 27 May is a match every football fan in India is awaiting: Man U vs Barcelona in the Champions League final. Indians know who they will support. But do they know why?

The New Fab Five

It is time to accept it. The core of Indian cricket has finally changed. For all its ills, IPL II gave them the stage to prove themselves

In a Hell Called Kolkata Knight Riders

The head of KKR’s talent hunt wing reveals how Buchanan destroyed a good team

The Fab Five

They brought class, genius, tenacity, skill, passion and much more to the cricket field. One of history’s most successful captains assesses their contribution to Indian cricket

Ow! zzat!

The crotch problem and the art and science of protecting a batsman’s most precious things

A War’s Best Gift

Afghanistan has a cricket team. As it aspires to enter the World Cup, a journalist remembers his encounters with players and how they learnt the sport


One of the highest paid sportsmen in the world, India cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni once needed the kindness of his friends for a good meal

The Answer

How good is Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a captain, really, and how much is plain damn luck?


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