Openomics 2018

The Growth Sutra

Aresh Shirali

What might soon change and what already has about India's emergence

The Big Bank Theory

Privatisation is not the answer

The Data Doctrine: More’s Law

As data gathering goes into overdrive, India could lead the quest to make the whole greater than the sum of bits and bytes

Ponzi Schemes: The Pyramid Fraud

Ponzi schemes pose a Rs 84,000 crore problem and a proposed law, if executed well, could save millions from falling prey

National Therapy

The promise and pitfalls of keeping India hale and hearty

The Aadhaar Raj

What it enables by way of e-commerce must not be overshadowed by the dangers it exposes people to

Cryptocurrency: Coin Your Future

Indian startups have begun to issue their own cryptocurrencies to raise funds

What Homebodies Watch: Net Fix

The direct delivery of entertainment to handsets already has the numbers to reshape Indian TV and cinema

The Kohli Rate of Growth

Economic lessons from the captain’s chase

Like Clockwork: The Market Value of Time

New responses to time scarcity are redefining how we tick


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