Past Perfect

Lov Verma

India is rich by default, not by design

The Dark Old World

These murder mysteries share a fascination for the past, which some authors explore by paying homage to the crème de la crème of classical mysteries and to the art of crafting them

The Three-Body Problem

Ananth Krishnan’s compelling portrait of China is a refreshing break from the familiar media trope

The Scarred Megapolis

The evolution of Delhi as a city of the unfortunates comes alive in this novel by a master storyteller

Shooter to Runner

How to become a reformed gangster

The First Heroine

A fictional account of Kerala’s forgotten female Dalit actor of the 1930s

The Reluctant Power

How India frittered away gains and opportunities

The Bloodlust

Short stories on the violence of big and small kinds

Why Love What You Will Lose?

The new Nobel laureate Louise Glück’s poetry is infused with desire and trauma, the processes of ordeal and healing

Jerry-Rigging Ways

Jugaad innovation in Indian laboratories


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