Hanging by a Thread

Nikita Doval

Four men were executed in the early hours of March 20th finally bringing peace to Jyoti Singh’s family, though larger questions about the death penalty still persist

Ranjan Gogoi: Judging the Judge

The former CJI, now a member of Rajya Sabha, is a player of chess and well-chosen words

Harvey Weinstein: J’Accuse

The verdict on the Hollywood predator reflects a new cultural understanding of the nature of sexual assault and the idea of consent

Sharad Arvind Bobde: A Man for All Reasons

Sharad Arvind Bobde takes over as Chief Justice of India at a time when the position is more powerful than ever

One Before All

Placing the individual, not society, at the heart of the Constitution

Mutiny in the Court

Four dissenting Supreme Court judges go public with their grievances. Now what?


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