Gandhigiri in Kashmir

Rahul Pandita

For the first time, a prominent separatist leader is contesting the polls. Sajjad Lone’s inspiration may lie in the non-violent struggle waged by the people of Bomai, a small village in his constituency

“The Will of the People”

After calling for a ‘poll boycott’ of the recent Assembly election, Sajjad Lone has decided to contest the Lok Sabha polls from J&K’s Baramulla constituency. He tells Rahul Pandita what has changed

The World according to Children

Life, love, India, world, violence, politics, ice-cream: what’s on their minds

Hot Steppers

More people in Indian cities are learning erotic moves like belly dancing and lap dancing, apart from eternal favourites like Salsa and Tango. But why?

Faking News, 24/7

Breaking stories of Yamaraj, headless ghosts and the end of the world. Poor journalism might be good business for India TV. But is that enough?

Intelligence Quotient

Systemic ineptitude led to the Mumbai terror strikes. The weapons of the war we need to wage.

Image Bombing

Our visual reality is shaped by 50 odd celebs. We see them day and night. Shouldn’t our world be more than the sum total of these done-to-death faces?

Hang Their Memories

Our contempt is the only thing the terrorists deserve.

Under Pressure

Up against an ongoing climate of suspicion, the American Muslim community takes control of its story—seven and a half years after 9/11

In Pursuit of the Perfect Blouse

Indian women wait for many years to find The One. The One who fully understands a blouse


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