The Jail Telecast

Shahina KK

Viyyur Central Prison in Kerala starts a television channel of its own, by the inmates for inmates

Murder Tailor-Made

How an unlikely serial killer in Bhopal took the lives of 34 truckers over a span of 11 years

A First for the Death Row

Two policemen in Kerala are sentenced to death for a custodial killing

Maria Susairaj: The Return of Lady Macbeth?

Maria Susairaj, an accused in one of Mumbai’s most sensational murder cases, is now a con artist

We’re All Asifa Today

She couldn’t even cry for justice. Let’s

Asifa: The Anatomy of a Hate Crime

The police chargesheet on the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Jammu reveals horrifying details of her last five days

The Number Game: A Bollywood Drama

Featuring actors, private investigators and a celebrity lawyer

In Hot Pursuit

What it took for a small team of the Mumbai Crime Branch to finally track down the killer of Pallavi Purkayastha in Kashmir

To Catch a Falling Star

The brotherhood of the Malayalam film industry turns an accused actor into a tragic victim. Welcome to Malewood

An Act of Horror: The Crime that Shook Kerala

The darker side of the superstar-struck Malayalam film industry


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