Cover Stories

The Wages of Hate

Lhendup G Bhutia

Manipur is inching towards tentative normalcy after a bloody spell of ethnic rage. Lhendup G Bhutia travels across a scorched state still scattered with the dying embers of anger. A dispatch

Games of Glory

How India played to greatness, beginning with the 1948 Olympic gold in hockey

The Free Fall of Leaves

The poet who has discovered the syntax of liberation

A Passage to India

Feeling freer than ever on a beach in Tamil Nadu

The Ideal King and His Biographer

Lessons from the land of Harsha and Bana

The English Track Record

A traveller’s tale from colonial India

The Tree of Democracy

The banyan’s roots stretch back to the beginnings of India’s political life

The First Rebels

When Madras was at the forefront of the struggle for Dalit emancipation

Ink of Independence

The brand that freedom fighters loved stages a comeback

The Pune Chapter

Tracing swaraj through the city’s streets


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