The Global Slavery Index


In total, an estimated 38.5 million live like slaves globally, and India accounts for 14 million of them

Confessions of an Ambulance Driver

“There have been deaths in my ambulance, but also births. At the set-up I work for, more than 13,000 babies were born in a vehicle”

Confessions of a Playschool Teacher

“Parents don’t take kindly to kids returning home with scribbles. They don’t understand that this is the best children can do at this age”

Confessions of a Ladies Tailor

“You might think you [are sorted because you] have your clients’ measurements. But two months later, they are of a different shape and form”

Confessions of a private hospital nurse

“Nurses are almost invisible in hospitals. We too have names and designations, but everyone calls us ‘Sister’”

Confessions of an Interior Stylist

“To be a good interior stylist, good taste is not enough. Unlike styling in the fashion industry, there is too much detail­ing required”

Confessions of a Lifestyle PR Professional

“There are good journalists and there are those with attitude who think we are stupid. I do wish they had more respect for us”

Confessions of a Hair Transplant Specialist

“Hair loss is related to health and hereditary factors. Many do not understand this and want solutions without treating the real problem”

Confessions of a Music Artiste Manager

“Record labels really don’t care two hoots about artistes or independent music. They act more like a distribution unit”

Confessions of a Cosmetic Surgeon

“Unrealistic demands have to be kept at bay. Patients dissatisfied with life in general have to be avoided”


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