Pawar Point

Jayanta Ghosal

If the grapevine is to be believed, Pawar is in constant touch with Mamata Banerjee as he wants her to return to power by trouncing the BJP in the upcoming Assembly election

The Enigma of Krishna

The origins and message of the Pandava Gita

Judicial Activism

The job of the courts is to resolve disputes arising from either the violation of laws or conflicting interpretations of the law

The American Unravelling

Will Trumpism now become a ghost story?

An Absolute Right to Cancel

Social media companies have turned an authoritarian corner after the Capitol Hill riots

A Madness without Method

The US has survived its worst challenge by continuing the democratic process without being overwhelmed by the machinations of an individual

Foundation Compass

We synthesise our beliefs to suit our way of life

America’s Ally

Vivekananda and the Himalayan connection—Part VII

Truth as the Beginning

Look beyond seers and sages to locate the origins of Indian thought

A Year Like No Other

Covid hasn’t been all that bad


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