‘Who Says I’m Finished?’

Boria Majumdar

A conversation with David Warner

An Equal State

Isn’t it time to end the tyranny of special provisions?

Political Partisanship

Ahead of the ODI World Cup final in Ahmedabad, a number of opposition leaders seemed concerned that BJP would try and capitalise on India winning the championship

Deepfakes and Everyday Fakes

A matter of increasing concern

What Prayers Can’t Preclude

Notes from a big, fat, festive wedding in Ahmedabad with the wrong bridegroom

Dying in Gaza

The wages of Israel’s war of retribution

The Entrapped Left

How big ideas can set the stage for restrictive ideologies

Prelude to a Divine Wedding

Shiva and Mahadevi tie the knot to take on the demon Bhandasura

Extremists Stay Banned

An added significance in the current unsettled situation in Manipur

Bibi’s Hubris and the Shaikh’s Diet

The other war Netanyahu can’t win and the uses of 1297 pre-dawn press-ups


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