Cheteshwar Pujara: The Tough Cookie

Boria Majumdar

Can Cheteshwar Pujara triumph against all odds just one more time?

Kashi Consciousness

The enduring mysteries of a city

Look Up. Look Away. Look Within.

Why are we so worked up about a climate change film?

The Tides of Change

Swinging political fortunes that defined the post-World War II era

In Uddhav Thackeray’s Absence

Nobody expects to question the prolonged absence of the chief minister

The Myth of Hindu Pakistan

Salman Rushdie is both right and wrong about India

Goodbye 2021 and Good Riddance

A spy among friends and bonding with Ian Fleming

The Krishna Quotient

The aesthetics of Indian politics—XI

The Day Cricket Changed

Indian and West Indian legends look back on June 25th, 1983

New Screening

It is learnt that Priyanka is looking at the formation of a new screening committee for UP elections


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