Election Almanac

Krishnan Srinivasan

A handy reference to Indian electoral history and beyond-the-ballot events

Spare the EVM Please

Look who’s losing faith in democracy

They Must Be Celebrating in Beijing

We are watching the curtain come down on the American century

General Election 2019: Quote Hanger

If you rub a cow’s back towards the front, your blood pressure will be maintained, says Sadhvi Pragya

Still Waiting for Relief

Any radical tax break for the salaried middle class is always going to be a chimera

A Cry in the Wilderness

What do women want? We listen to desperate voices, from labourers to rape survivors, in Bundelkhand

Return of the Brahmin

Who will win the race for the highest caste vote in UP? Kumar Anshuman reports on a community’s struggle to regain political glory

Why Do Voters Bother?

For three elections in a row, Punjab has seen the same set of politicians make the same promises and deliver the same disappointments. Yet, the voting percentage continues to rise

In Praise of the Uninformed Voter

In a democracy, the majority can benefit when individuals are uninformed


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