The Message from Seemanchal

MJ Akbar

Congress’ last Muslim bastion in the north has collapsed

Power to the Outliers

Big pundits will not win again till they transcend the great American divide

In Praise of the Indian Voter

The redeeming surprises of a volatile democracy

Scandal-hit Deras: Lost Blessings

Scandal-hit deras are losing their electoral pull in Haryana

Inside the Mind of the Indian Muslim Voter

India’s largest minority community is gripped by fear and anxiety

True Lies and Fake News

The pointlessness of social media regulation in the time of elections

The Gender Card

The outrage at the Pollachi sex abuse racket gives Opposition politicians a foothold in the battle to win the trust of women, a constituency methodically cultivated by MGR and Jayalalithaa

Modi and the Millennials

The Prime Minister serenades India’s most powerful demographic group with 2019 on his mind

Done in by the Vote

Funding elections through corruption goes hand-in-hand with last minute announcements aimed at voters

Down in UP

State politics as seen by the general public of Uttar Pradesh


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