Vladimir Putin


Michael Kugelman

Modi as the most popular dealmaker

Can the Right Be Liberal?

A moment of reckoning in Indian politics

Sorry, Modi is Not One of Them

Modi is not an Erdogan or a Putin and thank God for that

An American Disorder

Five scenarios in case of a Trump trainwreck

Going Hysterical


A travesty of dissent as populism surges from Washington to Delhi

Welcome to Trumpistan

Get ready for a wild ride with the new leader of the free world

Trumped in Europe

Alarmed and inspired by America’s choice

The Cost of Localising BRICS

Let’s not induce the world to re-hyphenate India and Pakistan

Around the World in Weighty Days

There is much to worry about in the age of higher volatility and lesser leadership

Four Holidays

The world is made up of leaders who get to choose a break and followers who don’t


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