Vidya Balan

The Greedy Actress

Aastha Atray Banan

What sets her apart, says Vidya Balan, is her need to grab roles that demand what few others can deliver

Bobby Jasoos

Despite nailing its sociocultural context, this mildly entertaining film is uneventful

How Kareena Got Katrina’s Koffee

How Kareena Got Katrina’s Koffee • Would Smell Just as Sweet • An Assault Utterly Uncalled For


There is nothing interesting about the conversation between the four people in this movie

Canned Heat… About to Pop

Canned Heat... About to Pop • The Feud Continues • Under the Radar

The Girl Who Defeated Vidya Balan

The remarkable story of Usha Jadhav, the National Award-winning actress who fought prejudices to emerge a success

From Silukku to MS

From Silukku to MS • Losing the Zombie War • Nothing’s for Free

The Never-ending RGV Saga

The Never-ending RGV Saga • Four Times Lucky • Playdate of the Year

Search Aamir

Search Aamir • Hide and Seek • Ex Files

The Leading Lady with Balls

Vidya Balan, the actress who decided to do it her way


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