Ukraine crisis

Alone In Kyiv

S Prasannarajan

Once the cameras stop clicking, Zelensky returns to the bunker in Kyiv, as freedom’s last solitary hero

The New Balance of Power

India will need to navigate the world’s emerging geopolitical divides

India at the UN: Principles vs Pragmatism

New Delhi will need to keep balancing its interests against the wishes of its friends

China mouthpiece praises Indian “autonomy” over Ukraine war

An article in Global Times refers to foreign minister S Jaishankar's comment on national interest guiding India's ties with Russia

Polar Ambition

A new Russia-NATO rivalry in the Arctic requires India to balance its interests for securing key strategic goals

Food stocks buffer India against global shortages

The war in Ukraine has disrupted global supplies of foodgrains but it will not affect India directly as the country is self-sufficient

Care and Dare

Commonsense has guided the Modi government’s economic management in a year that began with the Ukraine war

In a relief to Indian students, Ukraine holds convocation in Delhi, awards more than 500 MD certificates

These students had to flee Ukraine after their final-year exams in March because of the war with Russia

Ukraine War: How the West Shot Itself in the Foot

Sanctions are hurting its own economies without stopping Russia’s war machine

Lost Americana

Why Xi and Putin are not scared of the erstwhile leader of the free world


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