Temporary Doses

Madhavankutty Pillai

Lessons from the life and times of a Covid vaccine that has been withdrawn

Counterintuitive Facts

Why more accurate data can give a blurry picture

Riding the Surge

The Omicron variant may be mild but India is preparing for its healthcare system to be overwhelmed by the numbers

Therapists’ Tantra

Practitioners of alternative medicine are worried miracle cures for Covid-19 may damage their reputation

The Ironies of Covid Mutations

With every successive wave, there will be a new variant which will dominate

A Television Yoga Teacher?

He seems capable of achieving miracles which ordinary mortals can hardly contemplate

What Went Wrong?

Any system has an upper load-bearing capacity beyond which it breaks down

From America with Gratitude

Self-reliance does not preclude seeking or offering help

The Confusion Cure

What is the point in making ages 18 to 44 eligible for vaccines without new supply?

Can This New Aphrodisiac Beat Covid Blues?

A ‘miracle’ oil launched by a Chandigarh-based ayurvedic doctor is all the rage


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