Call of the Road

Arindam Mukherjee

The lure of a job got Arindam Mukherjee to pack his life in his car and travel the breadth of the American continent and back. He conquered the road, and also regained his confidence.

Summer Relief

At 40º C if you can’t handle the heat, it’s time to get out of the plains. But where to? We squinted at the globe, stared at the map and called the experts to come up with a summer travel menu of places that’ll re-sap your spirits. Read on for where to smell the wildflowers, listen to the stomp of wildebeest and how to jump off an aircraft so you can hurtle earthwards at 200 kmph.

Bicycle Chief

Cycling 10 hours a day, travelling across 13 countries, from Ireland to India, he realised that everyday irritants like the traffic and the weather colonise too much of our time. Life, after all, comes with bumps and all, and we should enjoy the ride. Wobbly or not.

The Atlas of Painting

Artist Paresh Maity documents his travels on canvas, capturing sights and sounds beyond the seeing eye.

The World in his Sights

From the North Pole to Africa, Sumantra Banerjee, camera hanging from his shoulders, goes in search of the remote and rugged.

Monkey Cap in the Bag

What is the source of the travel virus that Bengalis are infected with?

Deserts of the Heart

A sole-searing and soul-baring trek through the unforgiving Masoala desert in Madagascar helps quell some of the restlessness that wracks our hearts


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