terror attack

Macron’s War against Radical Islam

For Emmanuel Macron, the clash of civilisation is now not at the borders of the continent but within his country

The Day That Changed the World

The enduring aftershock of 9/11

Fire and Ice in Kashmir

As the LoC flares up, the Valley calms down

Out, Damned Spot

That’s life in a lost state

Vive Paris: The Beginning of History

What 13 November means for our newly tribal world

Je Suis Charlie

Salute Charlie Hebdo, the magazine that refused to be on its knees before a god who is afraid of cartoons


The Boys of Summer

What makes everyday terror, exemplified in the Pune blast, so much harder to fight? What makes an articulate, Anglicised software programmer turn into an Islamist radical? Questions with no easy answers.


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