Tamil Nadu

Palm tree Tappers to Sickle Makers

N Kalyan Raman

A chronicle of ten occupations in Tamil Nadu that are struggling to survive

Going Coconuts

A biography of Kerala’s defining fruit

The Smouldering Western Ghats

Kerala faces an uphill task as Maoists seek sanctuary in the state

The Cult of Kalki Bhagavan

He claims to be an incarnation of Vishnu—and even his own family as minor gods in his pantheon

The Keezhadi Connection

Were the Tamils the earliest people in India to develop their own script?

The Economics of Floods

The damage to public utilities and infrastructure has been on the rise

The Ho-Hum Secrets of the Hills

A whodunnit offering readers the opportunity to play murderer bingo

The Southern Frontier

The BJP put up its best-ever show in Karnataka but stopped short of making headway in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Follow the Script

Keeping Karunanidhi’s literary legacy alive in the arena


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