Tamil Nadu

Religion and Ethics

Virendra Kapoor

If you are ethical, you don’t have to follow any religion

The Great Derangement

The vaunted rationalism of Dravidianism is a mask for the deepest prejudice

An Existential Threat

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s attack on Sanatana Dharma stems from a long tradition of anti-Brahminical Dravidian politics

A Passage to India

Feeling freer than ever on a beach in Tamil Nadu

Sheltered by Stalin

Whichever party Senthil Balaji was in, he quickly rose within the ranks and was seen as having the leader’s ear, and as someone who was trusted

String Hopping In Thanjavur

Tracing the musical notes in veena country

That’s the Spirit

Tamil Nadu with the largest female workforce continues to shatter gender myths

Being Tamil

Tracing the cultural evolution of a state

A Sacred Confluence

London-based dancer Akram Khan leads a creative lab in Tamil Nadu where participants revisit the traditions of classical Indian dance and music

Covid 19: The Rising Graph

In states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal


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