Tamil Nadu

Divided Rebels

Jayanta Ghosal

Getting increasingly restless over the likely outcome of state Assembly elections on May 2nd

The Voter Whisperers

Five BJP leaders and their groundwork in states where the party has never been in power

The Age of Stalinism?

Anticipation of positive change rather than anti-incumbency underscores the trend in favour of DMK

Trading in Dravidian Stock

It is advantage DMK as the ruling AIADMK dilutes Amma’s legacy and dabbles in appeasement politics

Batty and Better

The pandemic may have given them a bad name but bats are worthy of worship in Tamil Nadu

An All-Inclusive Deal

Can social engineering and pre-poll sops help the AIADMK alliance return to power?

BJP’s Campaign for the Future

The scorched-earth offensive

The Tamil Wave

Today Tamil Indie films can be recognised for their diversity both in content and treatment

AIADMK’s Sasikala Reconciliation Problem

The householder has stepped out, once again

The Always Undecided Post

The dissidents, meanwhile, say that it is a Catch-22 situation. Either Rahul Gandhi must take the responsibility or leave the office totally to someone else


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