The Hunt for Rural Talent

Boria Majumdar

Cricket will meet reality TV in the hinterland

The Moonlighting Conundrum

Is it an impulse of talent or a lack of work ethic?

Beware Bollywood

Living in Mumbai can stifle the talent of any creative filmmaker, especially one who draws on his familiarity with India beyond the big cities

Confessions of a Movie Marketer

“If he is a good actor, but his movies did not do well, we think twice before taking him on. For us, acting talent is not a criterion”

‘This Time, It’s Different’

The ‘gamechanger’ cliché sits well on him. A man of great talent by any reckoning, Yuvraj Singh will need to be at his best for India to go the distance. Over dinner at his house in Delhi, he spoke at length about the upcoming biggie


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