Wearable Tradition

Lhendup G Bhutia

The mangalsutra and the evolutionary symbolism of marriage

Those Who Can, Blog

A stylish new generation of fashion bloggers is making fashion personal, taking it off the glossy pages, onto the web and into the streets

High Heel Mania

The arrival of Christian Louboutin is eagerly welcomed by a burgeoning tribe of Indian women who will go to any length for a good shoe

Roger Federer in Shanghai

Watching him from 10 metres away

The Glitzy and the Surreal

A fly on the wall at the fashion week in Delhi

Confessions of an Interior Stylist

“To be a good interior stylist, good taste is not enough. Unlike styling in the fashion industry, there is too much detail­ing required”

The Six Who Run the Runway

They’re young, talented and don’t care much for convention. The designers you musn’t miss


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