Sonia Gandhi

Sonia versus Manmohan

Alam Srinivas

The Cabinet reshuffle betrays a tussle over economics within the Congress Party at the very top

The Centre Cannot Hold

The PM’s authority was always under question, but even Sonia is now facing open defiance

So, Who’s the Boss?

From two not so long ago, the Congress now has three clear power centres, but no one knows how and where whose writ runs

Congress in an Honorary Quandary

At Aligarh Muslim University, which wants to confer honorary doctorates on Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, the Congress is caught in a bind of its own making.

Downsizing Manmohan

As the Sonia Gandhi chaired National Advisory Council resurfaces, India’s Prime Minister finds his policy formulation space suddenly cramped.

From INC to Congress Inc.

It was a party of educated professionals once, and Rahul Gandhi wants to make it so again. But his father before him had tried, and he will succeed only if he finds a new way to do it.

The Great Congress Reconquest

India’s grand old party is sitting pretty, notching up one electoral triumph after another. Is the long forgotten Tina—there is no alternative—factor back with a bang?


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