Sonam Kapoor

’Tis the Season for Jolly Marketing

Rajeev Masand

The Birth of Prem • Afraid of Himself

Too Cocky for His Own Good

Blockbuster in the Family • Fatal Attraction?

Miss Spunk

Fashionista, motormouth, star daughter and internet meme. Sonam Kapoor may be all this but she is also an actor who wants her performances to be taken seriously

Blowing Hot and Cold

On Leave for Work • The Trials of a Former Model

The Homely Girl is Much at Home

Sports over Slapstick • Studio Prodigal’s Desperate Moves


This film combines a delightful re-creation of old-world charm with emphatic performances

The Curious Delay

The Curious Delay • I Am like That Only • Still Waters Run Deep

Sonam’s Four-Month Role Call

Sonam’s Four-Month Role Call • SuperStarbucks • The Man on the Wrong Flight

Canned Heat… About to Pop

Canned Heat... About to Pop • The Feud Continues • Under the Radar

Unlike a Bollywood Kid

Rhea Kapoor, star child and film producer, does not read ‘tabloidy stuff’ and has an indifferent attitude to fame and all that comes with it


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