Sir Jadunath Sarkar

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh: Three Lives in History

TCA Raghavan

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh offer lessons in dissent in our own time of churn

1919: A Portrait

One hundred years after the year of reckoning

Temptations of a Greater India

The legacy of an ambitious project in history

The Cultural Campaign of RSS: War Over the Mind of India

Even as RSS tries to add new icons to its intellectual history, it wants to redeem scholars denigrated by the leftist establishment

Redeeming the Historian From History

The much-misunderstood Sir Jadunath Sarkar gets his due—finally

In Praise of a Renaissance Mind

Remembering Tapan Raychaudhuri (1926—2014), historian, storyteller and friend


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