Sharad Pawar

Ajit Pawar Stakes His Claim


Ajit Pawar left no one in doubt that the political fight with his uncle Sharad Pawar was for real

Putin’s Stakes

The recent visit of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un to Russia is being viewed from varying perspectives

The Pawar Riddle

Supriya Sule’s unease with BJP is reflected in her apparently cordial relations with DMK’s Kanimozhi and SP’s Dimple Yadav

Science and God

Keeping with India’s cultural traditions

Politics of Appearance

Dialectics of T-shirts and the slippage of Sharad Pawar

The Loneliness of the Patriarch

NCP’s best Lok Sabha tally was nine seats two decades ago but that never came in the way of Sharad Pawar being projected as a prime ministerial candidate. That image of the wily strategist has been shattered by Ajit Pawar’s departure

‘Total Politics’ at Play

The splits in NCP and Shiv Sena have expanded NDA and hurt the Opposition’s efforts to present a united challenge to Narendra Modi in 2024

Don’t Rule Out Sharad Pawar

For doing all manner of somersaults

Patriarch At Play

The astute politician is finding it difficult to manage his family’s ambitions

Taiwan Question

China’s calculations have a strong bearing on Indian interests as prioritising Taiwan could mean relatively less attention on the Himalayan borders with India


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