S Jaishankar

A Case of Euro Tunnel Vision

Siddharth Singh

The false allegation that India is laundering Russian oil

The Indefatigable Defender

S Jaishankar excels as Narendra Modi’s negotiator-in-chief on foreign shores and charms crowds with his repartees

Indian Hand

The Western habitof meddling in others’ affairs

India at the UN: Principles vs Pragmatism

New Delhi will need to keep balancing its interests against the wishes of its friends

Jaishankar’s Moscow Mission

India’s salience as an economic beacon and its pragmatic diplomacy have forged a new relevance for New Delhi on the international stage

China mouthpiece praises Indian “autonomy” over Ukraine war

An article in Global Times refers to foreign minister S Jaishankar's comment on national interest guiding India's ties with Russia

Pilot’s Choice

The BJP is believed to be in touch with several Congress leaders and considering whether it can get Pilot to switch sides and join the party

Shivraj Singh Chouhan: In and Out

The BJP leadership has had its way and will continue to call the shots when it comes to the party

The Lost Island: What’s Next?

As Sri Lanka descends into anarchy, India watches with caution

Ministry of Vaccines

Which ministry do you think would earn the moniker of the ministry of vaccines?


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