S Jaishankar

The Lost Island: What’s Next?

Rajeev Deshpande

As Sri Lanka descends into anarchy, India watches with caution

Ministry of Vaccines

Which ministry do you think would earn the moniker of the ministry of vaccines?

The Jaishankar Doctrine

Rethinking India’s engagement with its enemies and friends

Belur Moments

When Modi had two luchis (the Bengali version of puris), dal and plain khichdi, which he enjoyed so much that he took a second helping

Calling American Media

US media’s antipathy

The Rot in JNU

A nation united and a university divided

Prime movers for Narendra Modi

Nripendra Misra • AK Sharma • Ajit Doval • S Jaishankar • PK Mishra • Jagdish Bhai Thakkar • Anil Swarup • PK Sinha • Rajeev Kher • Amitabh Kant

Impressions of the Indian strategic debate

Is India aiming to evolve from being a balancing power to being a leading power?


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