Rishi Sunak

Benefits of a Beer Campaign

MJ Akbar

And hammering home the truth about Congress

Blame It on Boris

Sunak's battle against the inevitable and a journal that stands out

Three Cheers for Democracy

This year will disappoint anyone planning another tome on its unravelling

Rishi at Bay

The British prime minister is saddled with an unpopular government, a mutinous party and few obvious political skills

Extremists Stay Banned

An added significance in the current unsettled situation in Manipur

Sunak In Search of a Miracle

As 2024 looks scary, can he do a vintage Boris Johnson?

The Atmospherics

Will millet pudding with apricot compote shift the epicurean focus from DC to Delhi? Neither monkeys nor naysayers’ gripes about food and décor could spoil the party

Bharat Mandapam

The entire ITPO complex has been transformed into a large and well-equipped conference centre and several halls to provide space for displays and exhibitions

The Global Dividend

A survey shows wide youth support for the Modi government’s foreign policy


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