Counterintuitive Facts

Madhavankutty Pillai

Why more accurate data can give a blurry picture

The Perils of Academic Activism

Scholars should let their research do the talking

Innovation Instinct

Experiential learning enables students to tackle real-world challenges

The Scientific Temper

Broadening the scope of research through experiments

Power of Autonomy

History and purpose define the leaders of tomorrow

Wisdom Teeth

High-quality research and an empowered leadership are making a difference to oral care

Govt unveils ambitious plan to set India’s research priorities

The National Research Foundation’s Rs 50,000 crore budget will support smaller state universities, correcting a skew that favours pedigreed institutions like the IITs

IIM Calcutta: Rigour and Relevance

The benefits of social good over the balance sheet

Rocket Science

The curious case of fake NASA geniuses

Indian heart patients die 10 years earlier than those in the West, says study

A pioneering study of heart patients funded by ICMR envisages reducing the country’s disease burden


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