Victoria’s Other Secret


How complicated lingerie gives women some much-needed control in the bedroom

The Games We Play

Our strategies for surviving singlehood may not save us

Can’t Hurry Love

Fresh evidence that a relatively late sexual initiation is likely to lead to a happier romantic relationship

The Par Avion Friends

It was 1968 when they became pen friends. Marriage, kids, Clinton, photos of brothers in bell bottoms, they discussed everything, sitting continents apart. They are closest friends, but with no real desire to meet.

Sleeping with the Enemy

He is a big filmmaker. She is among India’s most respected film critics. Vidhu Vinod Chopra and his wife Anupama are strange bedfellows.

Humans Only Mildly Polygamous

New genetic information shows that human societies have tended towards monogamy.

Neither a Jungle nor a Web

The net is a two way street now. Say nice things about others and they’ll reciprocate.

The Rebound

She’s 45, he’s 30, it could have been a fun chick flick. You’re better off catching an old Zeta-Jones movie on DVD.

The Relationship Mall

Welcome to the modern era of social interaction. Take your pick of ‘friend with benefits’, ‘fuck buddy’, ‘office spouse’, ‘liberated friend’...

The Anxious Male

The democratisation of the sexes is threatening the man’s sense of security like never before. And he is not coping very well. Ask the ladies.


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