When Shadows Speak

Ravi Joshi

A spymaster tells the Kashmir story through his own life

Spies are Forever

The thrills of going undercover

Pakistan’s Urdu Media Blames India For Peshawar Attack

A review of Paskistan's Urdu-language newspapers after the 16 December Peshawar attack reveals that much of the blame has been heaped on India

Living with Cancer

The former head of the counter-terrorism wing of RAW succumbed to cancer on 16 June. His tweets over the past five months, as he watched his body being laid waste by the effects of his illness and radiation therapy, document his fears, hopes and determination to emerge the victor

The RAW Files

A former intelligence officer writes a gripping and thinly disguised fictional account of the case of Rabinder Singh, an Indian spy who went rogue and escaped to the US


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