Holy Horrors

Makarand R Paranjape

Salman Rushdie and the dangers of raising difficult questions

Author of the Indian Century

The redeeming radicalism of Modi

In God We Mistrust

The Marathwada region of Maharashtra is buffeted by a new wave of Islamist radicalisation, Ullekh NP reports from Aurangabad and Beed

Close Encounters

One man’s burden of his identity

Marching for Jihad

The rise and rage of Popular Front of India

God’s Recruits

The radicalisation of Indian Muslim youth in the age of the Islamic State

The Parable of a True Muslim

Through candid and spirited letters to his sons, a father addresses the issues that haunt Islam today

The Call of Jihad

A village in north Kerala earns notoriety after 11 of its youth flee to join the Islamic State. Shahina KK visits the families of the vanished in Padanna

The Ideological Threat of Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam’s most daring heretic, argues for a war on Islamist missionaries

Islam and the Cult of Death

Jihadism and Terrorism in the age of the Islamic State


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