Speak, Memory

Vineetha Mokkil

Where the political is the personal

Beyond the Breathless and the Restless

Let it be the feelings that bring about the events in films, not the other way around

Look Who Wants Bloodshed

Responses to the Dera violence bring out liberal duplicity

The Past is a Divided Country

Is it possible for the Mohenjodaro necklace and girdle to be reunited?

Punjab: Seeds of Secession

Punjab highlights the disasters that can arise when political unscrupulousness is mixed with religious fervour

The Fall of Nawaz Sharif

The story of Nawaz Sharif’s rise and fall is the story of contemporary Pakistan. For him, it matters little if it is the Army or the Court. History has moved in circles for him and yet another uncertain phase of his political career begins

A Harvest of Distress

Farmers are on the brink and the tragedy of Sangrur tells us why

Robin Uthappa: The Reluctant Hero

The rise and fall and dream of Robin Uthappa, still waiting for his Test debut at 31


Sidhu's chief ministerial dream, Mulayam's whisper to Modi and Adityanath's bargaining power


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