The Walking Wounded

Ira Mukhoty

Questions of citizenship in an increasingly nationalistic world

Punjab: Harvesting a Protest

If there is trouble from a resurgent Khalistani politics, it is unlikely to follow the roadmap of the 1980s. Siddharth Singh travels across Punjab to find out what has changed

Punjab and Protest

A forgotten legacy

Protest and Pandemonium

Protests are society’s pressure valve. The problem begins when small-group interests trample upon others’ interests

A Portrait of Protest

When subversion becomes a feature of democracy

A Million Manufactured Mutinies

The Modi government should not compromise on core principles

Rage and Reality

Punjab’s farmers are at Delhi’s doors demanding a rollback of the farm reform laws—reforms meant to help poorer states that today produce much more than Punjab under more difficult economic conditions. Isn’t it coercion by a pampered lot?

Comment Is Free

The Canadian prime minister's remarks on the farmers’ agitation add to his record on gaffes

Myopic Versions

The problem with conspiracy theories around the plot to secede Punjab

Congress Culprits

The party’s dismal performance in Bihar brought the knives out, with senior leaders attacking the high command


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