Everybody Loves a Good Protest

Jay Mazoomdaar

Dissent is a casualty at the Anna show where his rainbow coalition of supporters eats, drinks and makes protest before the camera

The Israeli Summer

After the bullets and blood of the Arab Spring, The Israeli Summer seems almost fluffy, but the protestors are dead serious. So what is this all about?

What Gandhi would tell our serial fasters

Chances are he might have gone on a long unconditional fast himself to convince them that their ways weren’t kosher

The Anna Hazare Show

The comic revolution of an obsolete man

Serial Agitators

Each time Yasin Malik makes a public appearance in Delhi, he finds himself shouted down by a group of angry protestors. Here’s who they are.

Foot Soldier

For 25 years, journalist Jarnail Singh awaited justice for the anti-Sikh riots of 1984. Then, something snapped and a shoe flew out towards Home Minister P Chidambaram. He’s lost his job, and regrets hurling the shoe, but certainly not standing up against injustice

Another Day in Kashmir

From the relative sanctuary of our daily lives, this would seem like war. But for the average Kashmiri, it is just another day

On the Other Foot

Chidambaram forgave Jarnail Singh, we hear. But who is it that should be asking for forgiveness?


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