Prime Minister

Boris Johnson: The One and Many

Roderick Matthews

A portrait of the new UK prime minister

Being Boris

Can Boris Johnson play Churchill in the divided kingdom?

The $5 Trillion Task

Well within the grasp of Modi 2.0

Modi 2.0: The Time for Vishwas

With inclusiveness as a new mantra, the Prime Minister’s outreach to minorities will be a new mould of progress and development for all

Modi Scene Two: Enter the Alchemist

The rise of Narendra Modi marks a cultural shift in the Right’s management of power

Why Modi is Still the One

Modi’s individual integrity gave the politics of hope a greater sense of authenticity

Chandrababu Naidu: ‘I am not an aspirant for any post’

When Deve Gowda called Naidu the prime minister before saying ‘would-be prime minister’

R Ashwin’s Bad Week

Blindsided twice, a desire to win and a voting conundrum

The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review

In short, ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ is too obtuse a film to be good propaganda


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