The System Against Fun


Nightlife is under threat across urban India, as overzealous policemen are encouraged by hypocritical politicians to wage a war against a form of modernity that appals as much as terrifies them. Listed here are some of their attacks

Bhaago Dhoble Aaya!

Mumbai’s nightlife gasps for breath under the onslaught of ACP Dhoble’s raid raj

Freeze! It’s the Police!

They have loaded cameras. Except that it is not helping them gather good enough visual evidence for crime investigations

The Aftermath

How an inept police and an insensitive media made it worse.

Sex and the Mumbai Police

Two recent cases highlight how the city police force is getting screwed by its libido

Green Light Area

The canteen at Kolkata police headquarters is manned by girls rescued from brothels.

Cops as Exemplars

Thousands of slum children, underprivileged youngsters and senior citizens have been given a new direction in life by novel Kolkata Police projects.

Trotting into the Sunset with Dignity

In the heart of Gurgaon stands a sanctuary for ageing police and Army horses after their retirement.

Confessions of a Police Informer

“If I stop giving information, the police threaten to squeal on me to those I’d tipped about before. I’m not doing a national service. I am an informer out of fear”


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