Letters to Mother

Narendra Modi

‘My expressions are often abstract; perhaps when the heart is overwhelmed the mind races faster than the hand on paper’

Pandemic Poems

Airy Queries | Where Are We, then? | Without Map | A Taste of Doom | Virus of Hope

Ranjit Hoskote: Between the Sea and the Shore

The many avatars of Ranjit Hoskote blaze forth in his new poetry collection. Suhit Kelkar meets the poet and curator

Nature’s Myths

Foreign natives and native exiles in verse

Homeward Bound

Manohar Shetty’s confessional poems are responses to domesticity and the charms of Goa. The poet in conversation with Urvashi Bahuguna

Eastern Rhapsodies

A compilation of unpublished poems from Rabindranath Tagore’s visits to China and Japan

The Engineer of Human Souls

Rehaan Engineer lives by a simple diktat: whoever wishes to devote himself to painting should begin by cutting out his tongue

When Something Works

As with her first collection of poems, Tishani Doshi’s best poems here are those in which a female experience, located boldly in the body, works as a comment on something larger

Couplet Omlette

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s translations of Kabir, with a generous dose of American slang, are awkward at times. But the remix experiment is worth the risk of failure


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