Wave Theory

They offer certainties in mathematics and physics but for pandemics, they don’t offer much help in predicting the future


The biggest Indian pure science project ever conceived—digging a huge cavern in the middle of a mountain to detect an elusive subatomic particle—is underway in the face of unexpected opposition

Physics Nobel Prize for LEDs

LEDs use semiconductor materials and very little energy is lost to heat. The result is a lifespan of about 100 times that of an incandescent light

Ashoke Sen

He is trying to unify the theories of gravity and quantum mechanics

Flock Theory and the Synchronies of Nature

What theoretical physics teaches us about the fish and fowl that collectively take our breath away by moving in such elegant formations

Physics of Snake Venom

Its physical properties as a fluid are as perilous as its chemical composition

The Proton Shrinks

A new finding indicates the proton’s size is 4 per cent smaller than estimated, raising questions about current theories.

Elephantine Speed

The physics behind the astounding charge of a bull elephant had remained somewhat of a mystery till recently.

Einstein Is Right Again

New observations on a scale far beyond our solar system confirm Einstein’s theory of gravity and lend support to the existence of dark matter.


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