Pheromone Parties: Scent and Sensuality

Sonali Acharjee

Using olfactory science to help you sniff out the perfect match

When a Film Star Hosts a Party

Love blooms or disintegrates, chief ministers sit ignored, drunken stars get sentimental and call each other ‘bro’

How to Spend Your Money

The owner of one of the world’s most expensive nightclubs, where a table spend can be close to $100,000, on why creating great parties is an art in itself

Headphone Parties

How diehards found a way to dodge a party-pooping state government

From Russia with Bolly Love

An Indian theme party in St Petersburg reveals just how well India’s soft power is working in these parts

Confessions of a Party Organiser

“The biggest problem during a New Year’s Eve do is the cops, obviously. My tactic is to keep a case of Old Monk for them”


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