Mumbai Notebook

The media frenzy over a bariatric surgery

Daulatram Jogawat: Burden of Life

Omkar Khandekar meets the transformed policeman at his village in Madhya Pradesh

Fat and Furious

Activist Lindy West speaks out against a culture where bigness is seen as a moral failing

The Fit Community of Fat Eaters

The Indian environment militates against a Low Carbohydrate High Fat lifestyle but a small number of adherents still find it worthwhile

The plus side of obesity

If you are overweight as a middle-ager, you are less likely to get old-age dementia

How the Obese Threaten World Food Security

Our growing waistlines mean the equivalent of 242 million extra people on Earth

An Arresting Diet

The struggle to trim Mumbai police waistlines

“Kids at age 14 are like old men post 40”

Even as weight-loss surgery turns fashionable, Dr Dhuper is trying to treat obesity before the need arises.


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