Joanna Rakoff: ‘You want the movie to be more like a poem and less like a novel’

Rajeev Masand

Joanna Rakoff speaks to Rajeev Masand about watching her memoir My Salinger Year on screen and the decision to never show JD Salinger

The Legend of Kuttanad

This many-layered novel, about a folk-hero and his fabulous moustache, examines the nature of story-telling— how people, animals and places can be kept alive through the narratives built around them

A Tale of Two Sisters

So all is Peace is a tearjerker guised as a mystery, masked in social commentary

Neruda’s Ship

Isabel Allende’s new novel follows exiles in search of a home in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War

From the Spectral Island

Shehan Karunatilaka’s new novel is a whodunnit set in the afterlife. He tells Bhavya Dore that Sri Lanka is crawling with ghosts

The Art of Loss

A widower’s weekend of highs and lows in Bombay

Magic Realist

Keshava Guha’s first novel is powered by Potternama

Bengal Noir

Gooptu’s debut novel brings to life the vintage Tollygunge studio

Meena Kandasamy: The Bare Absolute Minimalist

Meena Kandasamy talks about politics, parenthood and her new novel

Family Trauma

Ann Patchett’s new novel is about heartbreaks and healing


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