The Tides of Terai

Nanditha Krishna

A family’s search for happiness on the India-Nepal border

Paul Lynch: The Soothsayer

The Irish author’s Booker Prize-winning novel makes the impossible seem possible

Fantastical Futures

Short stories where reality is delivered with many a twist

Prisoner of the Present

Anjum Hasan’s new novel is about a middle-aged history teacher living in Delhi

Siddhartha Deb: Flying Mughals

He captures the real through the magical in his new novel

Anjana Appachana: Listening Again

Her first novel in more than two decades returns to homes filled with silences and secrets, disappointments and dreams. The novelist in conversation with

Ghost of the Past

A tale of how one horrific incident can echo through a life

The Opening Punch

Chaos unfurls when vendetta is ill conceived, and a bag of riches is to be found

Lands without Justice

A novel built on the history of hate

The Many Tongues of the Forest

Sheela Tomy’s novel tells the stories of the land and its people. She speaks to Open about bringing the Western Ghats alive in fiction


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