Lost and Found

Kanika Sharma

A young woman’s search for meaning in the Himalayas

What Ifs

A dystopian novel that moves between fate and possibility

States of Unrest

Neel Mukherjee’s new novel is a quarrel with capitalism. The author speaks about choices made and those deferred

Writing in the Dark

Raj Kamal Jha’s fiction transforms the news from something that fades into the past into a hologram of the present

Life As a Gallery

Manju Kapur’s seventh novel reevaluates marriage and class, power and art in Delhi. The author in conversation with

Blowing In the Shamal

The temporary existence of an Indian expatriate in the Gulf

The Tides of Terai

A family’s search for happiness on the India-Nepal border

Paul Lynch: The Soothsayer

The Irish author’s Booker Prize-winning novel makes the impossible seem possible

Fantastical Futures

Short stories where reality is delivered with many a twist

Prisoner of the Present

Anjum Hasan’s new novel is about a middle-aged history teacher living in Delhi


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