Magic Realist

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Keshava Guha’s first novel is powered by Potternama

Bengal Noir

Gooptu’s debut novel brings to life the vintage Tollygunge studio

Meena Kandasamy: The Bare Absolute Minimalist

Meena Kandasamy talks about politics, parenthood and her new novel

Family Trauma

Ann Patchett’s new novel is about heartbreaks and healing

All About the Mother

In praise of a different kind of woman in fiction

Margaret Atwood: The New Testament

Margaret Atwood’s sequel to her cult novel is marked by the same urgency of cultural zeitgeist and prophetic resonance that made the publication of the original a literary event 34 years ago

Love and Longing

Devapriya Roy’s novel is a refreshing ode to Calcutta, and friendships from the past

Heat and Dust

Stories that transform the harsh desert into a mystical world

New York Minutes

Even with its racy plot and charming characters, Elizabeth Gilbert’s new novel leaves one cold


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