Pawar versus Pawar Again

Haima Deshpande

Ajit Pawar’s resignation spells more trouble for the NCP than Congress

Pawar’s Real Problem Lies at Home

His nephew’s increasing clout is forcing him to focus on the state. The drama at the Centre is only a pretext

The Enemy Within

Even with a pre-poll alliance, the Congress and NCP can’t stop bickering

The NCP Eyes Cash-rich Karnataka

The wealth of its politicians went up 677 per cent. Which political party wouldn’t want a base here?

Anna versus Sharad Pawar

The Anna factor seems to have had no impact on voters, as the NCP emerges victorious

Another Coalition Migraine

The Congress and NCP are at loggerheads again, but a split is unlikely

Pawar Games: Strongman Stumped

While Sharad Pawar was enjoying the national limelight, Ajit Pawar stole the NCP away from him.

India This Week

The Affairs of the NCP; Chiranjeevi with Congress; DMK’s Dam Problems; Hiding Behind Basu to Defy Karat; and the Vande Mataram controversy


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