Why Modi Cautioned Putin

Siddharth Singh

Modi’s remarks and Putin’s careful response suggest that both countries understand what is at stake

Ukraine War: How the West Shot Itself in the Foot

Sanctions are hurting its own economies without stopping Russia’s war machine

Sweden, Finland bury human rights concerns to strike NATO deal with Turkey

Joint declaration says outfits like PKK and FETO will not be supported, mechanism on law enforcement formed

A Fine Balance

Ukraine and neutrality in Europe

Steven Pinker criticises the Pope over comments on NATO

The Harvard academic adds that India’s future will depend on the strength of its multi-ethnic character

The Ukraine Effect

The war may exacerbate geopolitical and economic fragmentation

Madeleine Albright (1937-2022): History’s Diplomat

America’s first woman secretary of state shaped the 20th century’s last world-defining moment

The Delhi Dilemma

Putin’s war presents South Asia, especially India, with difficult choices

‘I am ashamed of being part of Russian society that nurtured Putin’

Noted Russian author Alisa Ganieva, who has been translated into multiple languages, including Indian ones, on the war on Ukraine

The Middle Path

In the evolving power dynamics worldwide, India must return to Asian centrality and non-alignment


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