Narendra Modi

Imran Khan’s Choice

Mehr Tarar

Pakistan's Prime Minister puts the spotlight on contentious issues in South Asia

Pilgrim’s Reception

A compromise worked out is that Modi will receive Kartarpur pilgrims first and Imran, the next day

Uniform Behavioural Code

What undermines Modi and his message is not the grievance of a signature but the violence and vulgarism of religious vigilantes

Cultural Evolution

As Xi Jinping comes calling, a close examination of China’s effort to educate its students and lead well-funded research platforms—from a state that sent poets to jail for subjectivism to Jack Ma’s Alibaba

Maharashtra: A Foregone Verdict

It’s still Modi’s popularity that makes all the difference

Ignorance Breeds Contempt

A perpetual pessimist questions the Modi Government's civic push

The Curse of Geography

Cautious pragmatism drives Modi’s foreign policy. A multi-aligned India pursuing omnidirectional cooperation for mutual benefit with key players will be better positioned to advance its security and economic interests

Narendra Modi: The Global Campaigner

The gains and challenges of Modi’s foreign policy

A Unique Work Ethic

The Indian American community behind ‘Howdy, Modi!’ showcased what unites America and India is greater than what divides it

The Partisan from Bengal

A Left-leaning actor declines a national award from the Modi Government


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