Narendra Modi

The Race to Eject KCR

V Shoba

The increasing irrelevance of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi as Congress and BJP take the lead in Telangana

A Handle on Bonds

Narendra Modi’s comments on the electoral bonds case stand out as he suggested that while there is room for improvement in political funding, the Supreme Court’s decision to scrap the initiative altogether was a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater

Opposition Role

The influx of Congress stalwarts into BJP is no doubt an indication that Rahul Gandhi isn’t quite succeeding in energising the party

Calming the Democracy

The end of surprise and Rahul’s forays into incomprehension

The Electoral Carnival

Narendra Modi’s third shy at India’s topmost political job

The Happiness Vote

BJP is looking to reap people’s investment in Modi’s vision and success

Force & Frailty

The Modi campaign is at full throttle while the Opposition shows no signs of catching up

Seizing the Future

India’s foray into semiconductors is a game changer

Message in a Missile

Agni-V as a weapon of peace sends a signal to China

A Healing Touch

The notification of the Citizenship Amendment Act rules is a significant milestone for the Modi government’s core agenda that will play an important role in BJP’S election campaign as the party sharpens its nationalist credentials


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