Ratan Tata: ‘We don’t have the urge to be No 1’

Pritish Nandy

Pritish Nandy in conversation with Ratan Tata

Why are Nanos Burning Up?

A few days ago, another Nano suddenly caught fire. Why is this happening to the world’s most famous small car? A) It’s a lousy car B) It has been sabotaged by Tata’s rivals C) Everybody is overreacting to a problem that is not uncommon to vehicles D) None of the above.

Should You Buy a Nano?

My first impression was that it was a proper car and not a cobbled-together rickshaw with four wheels and metal bodywork.

Business Briefing 26/12

Dumped by Cars, F1 Gets Ready to Fly; and Big Award for Small Things: Nano and Human Genome


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