City of Echoes

Chaya Babu

Forget anything subversive, or even original. Almost everything they call ‘high street fashion’ in Mumbai is borrowed

Mumbai’s Star Paanwalas

One has a website and the other holds a Guinness record for his bell collection

Lady in a Pickle

A faux tribute to our ever-vigilant airport security

Beware Bollywood

Living in Mumbai can stifle the talent of any creative filmmaker, especially one who draws on his familiarity with India beyond the big cities

The Injured Are Everywhere

As we come under attack, yet again, what do our reactions say about us?

Mumbai’s Food War

It’s out on the streets, and it’s all about laying claim to an authentic Maharashtrian snack for the masses

On the First Night, Resignation

“I have seen so much, I want to cry,” a storekeeper said from behind the metal barrier he’d pulled down after the blast

Where There’s a Wheel

Sheru Rickshawala’s gareeb rath has Dharmendra’s blessings. His dream passenger: Sachin Tendulkar

Another Coalition Migraine

The Congress and NCP are at loggerheads again, but a split is unlikely

The Photographer of Dhobi Ghat

When Jyotika Jain was signed on for the movie, she had hundreds of photos of female train commuters but no clue what film photography meant


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